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Osborne EMS in conjunction with W.A.R.T.E.M.S is proud to offer custom classes for the Prehospital Medical Provider who finds themselves in a multi-patient violent situation. These classes are in direct response to the violent actions that are occurring at ever-increasing rate in our country. Examples of such incidents include: terrorist attacks, active shooter incidents, and IEDs.

We offer Advanced Tactical Medical Training for everyone from the first responder, to the advanced practitioner. The classes contain everything from basic Tactical Combat Casualty Care, to advanced SWAT Team medic level training. We show, demonstrate, and provide hands-on training using the most current tactical medical gear used to combat bleeding, breathing, and airway issues.

Our varieties of instructors have over 20-30 years of experience including: Military, Police, EMS & Remote and Austere environments. We welcome any inquires, are flexible on dates and venues, and offer financial incentives for large groups.

Advances in tactical medicine have made it possible for victims of trauma to survive even the most devastating of injuries when the proper training is given to first responders, police, fire, Military and concerned citizens. This training is not based on traditional civilian EMS care which does not work during these active threat incidents. The training is instead based on the concept of “TCCC” or Tactical Combat Casualty Care.

TCCC was developed by the American Military after years of studying how casualties that could have survived, in fact died. The USA looked at thousands of cases of injured patient’s over 30 years of warfare. The TCCC concept is based on statistics that were taken on the battlefield. We found that 60% of patients die from uncontrolled extremity bleeding. We found that 33% die from a trauma to the chest known as tension pneumothorax. Finally, 7 % die from loss of their airway. Each of these causes of death can be preventable with the proper training in TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care). We also found that there were different Stages of Care that directly corresponded with danger at the scene of the incident. Both the Stages of Care and this battlefield treatment combine to form the TCCC curriculum. Tactical Combat Casualty Care is now the modern standard of treatment for the current Global War on terrorism and active threat incidents.

The following class has been developed to convey that important TCCC information to street level providers. This training is the standard knowledge of what medical procedures to do, when and why, is the information that allows a more positive outcome in terrorist/mass shootings and bombings that we have seen lately in the news. Students will be introduced to the newest tourniquet types in which they will practice with and apply in scenarios. They will also be introduced to the most common Hemostatic Agents, know when to use them and why. There will also be an array of treatment materials not normally seen in traditional street medicine that students can become familiar with also.

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Safety Skills

Students learn how to prevent unsafe situations and what to do when faced with dangers such as power failures or weather emergencies.

Child Care Skills

Students learn tips to manage behavior that will help them stay in control of themselves and the children in their care. Students also learn the ages and stages of child development, as well as practice diapering.

First Aid & Rescue Skills

Learning skills such as choking rescue is often students’ favorite part of the class. Students also learn a system to help them assess and respond to injuries and illnesses.

Life & Business Skills

The ability to screen jobs, discuss fees, and greet employers will set students up for success now and in the future. Students practice these skills through various role plays.