Jon ROy

FF/EMT Asst. Instructor 

Jonathan B. Roy has been serving in the Fire and EMS services since 1998. In that time he has served as a Captain for the New Durham, NH Fire Department, Paramedic Supervisor with the Frisbie Memorial Hospital Paramedics, and as a Deputy Forest Fire Warden for the State of New Hampshire, in addition to many other rolls.

Jonathan is a 2005 graduate of the Springfield College Emergency Medical Services Management -Bachelors of Science Program, where he interned with FDNY EMS in the South Bronx (Battalion 26) and also served as Chief of Springfield College EMS his senior year. Jon also has worked in private security, including concert and personal/executive protection security since 1998. He currently works as a Firefighter/EMT with the Manchester Eighth Utilities District Fire Department and the Tolland County Rescue Dive Team. In his spare time Jon enjoys riding his mountain bike, communicating via HAM Radio and relaxing at his cabin in New Hampshire.



Tactical Instructor

      Ian McDevitt is a CCEMT- Paramedic, (Critical Care) with thirty years of EMS experience. Ian started as an EMT-Basic and worked his way up to an EMT-Intermediate then to an intercept Paramedic. Ian’s experience includes both civilian (25 years), military and private.

He has remote medic experience in South East Asia and Central America. He is a former Officer, USAR, Airborne and Infantry. Ian spent twelve years on the City of Willimantic’s SWAT Team and wrote the first book published on Tactical Medicine in 1999. He has completed combat medic rotations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and most recently on the contact line as the Chief Paramedic for the City of Luhansk, in North East Ukraine.

Ian has spent the last eight years as Senior Medical Instructor for the Department of State Anti-Terrorist Assistance Program in Africa training African Union forces where he teaches both Battlefield Medicine and Weapons and Tactics. He also teaches internationally through his company WARTEMS. He has taught for Vatican Security Forces, military, and private security. He is now finishing his degree in Veterinary Medicine while continuing to work in Africa.

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